Optimisation of the patient’s oral health.


Patients need to maintain optimal oral hygiene and eating habits daily for the healthiest possible teeth / periodontium. 80% of the population has inflamed gums to a greater or lesser degree and approximately 30% of the population has gum disease (periodontal disease) to such an extent that intensive treatment is required. In addition, a large proportion of the population has cavities (holes). Tooth decay is caused by lifestyle. Lifestyle factors are very significant in these processes, with bacteria, diet and host factors playing a large role. Daily optimal oral hygiene contributes to prevention of bacterial load to a significant extent and thus to prevention of the aforementioned issues and improved oral health.

The patient receives information from the healthcare provider and will only remember part of that because of the amount of information provided and the somewhat stressful situation in which the patient finds themselves while sitting in the treatment chair. Individualised information, instructions, support, use and availability of the specific aids, tailored to the patient, are essential when optimising oral hygiene through modification of the patient’s behaviour.

The DentalCoach App gives the patient access to information specifically tailored to him or her and instructions that can be reviewed at home in a relaxed environment, and increases internal motivation by means of push messages. The connected webshop provides the patient with all the prescribed aids via home delivery with just a few clicks.